How it works.

Originally engineered for Hawaiian law-enforcement boats, the Sea Blade hull form reduces friction and impact through rough waters. Starting at the cutaway bow, the hull first slices into the wave on initial contact. The forefoot then penetrates the wave, punching into it and cleaving it open. As the rest of the hull pushes into it, a coupled pitch-heave motion carries the bow up and through the wave.


The Sea Blade hull is the most significant improvement on the traditional high-performance deep-vee design in decades.

Why it’s the best.

The Sea Blade hull is engineered by Navatek Ltd., a world-leader in designing and analyzing hull forms. Their expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used in military, industry and academic applications globally. Through a study of self-reported injuries among Navy Seal and Special Command boat operators, Navatek identified the failure points in the deep-vee hull that cause bodily harm through slamming-wave impact. Navatek re-engineered the deep-vee to be a deeper, stepped hull that better penetrates waves and reduces stress on passengers.

Hawaiian law-enforcement began operating the first of Navatek’s new hulls in 2005. Now for the first time ever, Navatek is making their unique hull form available to recreational boat users through the Sea Blade line.



Learn More about the SBX36

The first of the Sea Blade line, the SBX36, is now under construction. View the specifications and renderings.